• Cypriot Smell in whirls at Near East College

    Cypriot Smell in whirls at Near East College

    At the Near East College, the “Traditional Cyprus Day” event was held to teach the Turkish Cypriot culture to new generation and to introduce and keep the Cyprus folklore more intimate.

    According to the press information given by the Press and Public Relations Directorate of the Near East University, the students and guests showed great interest in the event that took place under the leadership of the Near East College Honorary Board teachers and students.

    Cypriot Smell in whirls at Near East College

    Throughout the day, Cypriot music was played, concerts were held, folk dances were presented, refreshments and traditional food such as lemonade, hellim, pitta bread, olive blended bread, savoury pastry filled with cheese, traditional jam and marmelade made in line with the Turkish Cypriot cuisine were offered to the students and guests.

    In the event, the old games, belonging to Cypriot culture and about to be forgotten nowadays, such as five stones, hopscotch, lingerie, rope skipping were also played.

    Near East College music teachers, Ertaç Uçaner and Kartal Tunç directed the students to sing songs of Cyprus, and the performance and folk dances of the students of Near East College attracted great appreciation.

    Cypriot Smell in whirls at Near East College

    The event, in which students and teachers prepared and sold culture-specific food and beverages, led to an enjoyable day for the students, as well as providing them with opportunities to learn many cultural values they were not familiar with.

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