• National Badminton Players of Near East College became the World’s Number Five in Bulgaria

    Seymen G. Deniz and Eren Özuyanık, badminton players of Near East College that take place in the National Team of Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, competed for the Turkish National Team and ranked the fifth place in U15 International Badminton Tournament that held in Bulgaria.

    According to the press release issued by the Directorate of Press and Public Relations Office of the Near East University, Seymen Deniz, one of the 9th grade students of the Near East College, competed for the Turkish National Team in the U15 tournament in August in Khaskovo city of Bulgaria and became bronze medalist (3rd place) in singles (MS), whereas Eren Özuyanık ranked the 4th place in singles (WS).

    In mixed-doubles, both players of the Near East College played together versus Ukrainian and Bulgarian players and lost the chance for final by ranking the fifth place.

    They also participated in the World Championship…

    The two athletes participated in the World Championship held in Istanbul last December and won the right to participate in the “World Badminton 2017 Bulgarian” tournament held in Bulgaria’s Pazardzhik city this August by achieving the point ranking. By increasing their points and achieving the second place in this tournament, the two athletes showed success to have a place in Turkish National Team.

    They were Selected as the Most Valuable Athletes…

    Seymen Deniz and Eren Özuyanık, who were selected as the most valuable athletes by the Badminton Federation of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus last year, said they returned to the island happily because of their success in Europe and underlined that this was only the beginning and they would be much more successful in the future by dint of their accumulated experience.

    World Championship Voyagers…

    Underlining the significance of such tournaments in providing the athletes with experience, Near East College Badminton Coach Fırat Deniz stated that they had already initiated works for the World Championship to be organized in December.

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