• Near East College Students informed about forests and plants

    The 10th grade students from the Near East College Geography Club visited the Nicosia Forestry Department.

    According to the press info released by the Directorate of Press and Public Relations Office of the Near East University, during the visit organized by the Near East College teachers in charge, Ömer Akyüz, Director of Forestry Department, provided the students with information about the fundamental objectives of the Department of Forestry, forestlands in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, area chiefs and surveillance houses effective in the protection of forests, plant species suitable for the climate and geomorphologic structure of the island, and plant maintenance procedures. Akyüz also delivered information about destructive effects of pine processionary moth on forests, apart from natural or man-caused fires, and underlined the precautions required for preventing such destructive effects.

    Subjects covered during lessons were reinforced…

    The trip provided the students with opportunity to observe and survey many subjects fields concerned with natural, human and economic geography. Sharing and exchanging information regarding political geography subjects, geology, geomorphology, climate, vegetation, hydrography, soil, and economic activities including agriculture and livestock, groundwater and surface water sources, and the transportation geography, the students had opportunity of receiving on-site information and experiencing the subjects covered in lessons through various visual materials.

    During the trip, which was resulted in a visual-geographic and cultural teaching activity, the students also received information related to the questions they were curious about.

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