• Duyal Tüzün, Teacher at Near East College, held her photography exhibition called “DÜŞ”

    Duyal Tüzün, one of the school counselors of Near East College, the Secondary School Photography Club instructor, and a photography artist, held her first personal photography exhibition called “DÜŞ”.

    According to the press release issued by the Directorate of Press and Public Relations Office of Near East University, Tüzün, who had entered many photography competitions and won awards at national and global platforms, held her personal photography exhibition called “DÜŞ” at Ercan Airport. The exhibition features many genres of photography including scene, portraits, landscapes, abstract, detail, still-life and photos concerning human life.

    The exhibition will be presented to passengers’ liking in the Departure Hall of the Ercan Airport Terminal Building until 6 November 2017.

    Photographs describe the reflection of emotions and dreams….

    Explaining why she entitled her exhibition as “DÜŞ/DREAM”, Duyal Tüzün expressed her views: “Photographs can bring emotions and dreams out of obscurity and make them more apparent. My point here is to uncover and convey emotions and dreams via photography to strengthen the connection with viewers. Considering this aspect, I deemed “DÜŞ” as the most appropriate title for my exhibition”.

    Stating that her interest in photography began in high school years, Tüzün defined photography as a way of creating art by having a deeper look at life and reflecting it. Highlighting the significant role of art in social responsibility projects, Tüzün delivered further information: “I scheduled to hold another exhibition called “YANSIMA/REFLECTION” at Nicosia Atatütük Culture Center on November 20, 2017. All proceeds of this exhibition will be donated to Kemal Saraçoglu Foundation for Children with Leukemia and Fight against Cancer”. As Near East College, we attach great importance on social responsibility projects. Within this scope, the exhibition projects of which proceeds will be donated will continue” noted she.

    Duyal Tüzün, who entered in photography competitions and won awards at national and international platforms, has held photography exhibitions in almost ten distinctive countries so far.

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