• Near East College Geography Club visited the Meteorology Department

    As part of the observation-educational trips carried out to provide the students the opportunity to make observations and learn practical matters related to their studies, the Near East College Geography Club students were taken to the Meteorology Department.

    According to the press release issued by the Directorate of Press and Public Relations of Near East University, Near East College students were taken on this trip to get deeper understanding on natural events and awareness on the functions of department of meteorology. It was pointed out that Senior Weather Forecaster Nilşan Kortaj provided the Near East College detailed information on the activities carried out at the meteorology department.

    Students were provided information on functions of weather instruments…

    Furthermore, Nilşan Kortaj provided information on the general functions of weather instruments at the Nicosia Observation Park, such as pluviometre (a rain gauge), thermometer, barometer, and radiosondes (weather balloons) are launched into the air. Students were informed how a weather forecast was made. Moreover, they were informed of what other devices were used by the meteorology department; what measuring methods and techniques were used; and how the strength and the direction of the wind were measured.

    In addition to the above, the Near East College students were provided the opportunity to make a comparison between old and modern methods used in meteorology, the water cycle and also concepts such as difference between heat and temperature. Moreover, the students were taken to the room where daily weather predictions, they looked at a number of maps and satellite images.

    Social awareness on the environment will be raised…

    Making a statement regarding their trip, the Near East College Geography Club teachers stressed the importance of providing the students the chance to make observations and be taken to field trips to get a deeper understanding on concepts and topic learnt in their geography lessons.

    Making further remarks, Near East College teachers stated that their next trip would be related to doing landscape interpretations. They added that since today’s children are growing up in cities, they were parted from the nature and that it was necessary to remind students they were actually a part of the nature. Therefore, the teachers felt the need to raise students’ social awareness on the environment.

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