• Near East College student receives an invitation by Oxford University

    -The Academic success of Near East College has extended beyond boundaries…

    Near East College 12th year student Ecem Özkoççatlı has been invited for an interview by one of the most prestigious universities in the world, Oxford University.

    According to the information provided by the authorities of Near East College, Ecem Özkoççatlı has previously been accepted by another prestigious university as well, London Imperial College. Recently, she has been invited for an interview by one of the most esteemed universities in the world, Oxford University.

    Işılay Arkan: “students are being provided mentors…”

    Making a statement regarding the matter, Near East College Headmaster, Işılay Arkan, stated that Near East College students are each provided mentor teachers as they make preparations to start their lives beyond the school and go to university. He added that the Mentor Teacher System enables each student to be closely observed regarding to their academic and social developments and therefore contribute to their success. Furthermore, students are being provided all round education during the process of university selection and applications.

    Headmaster Arkan explained that systematic approach to the process enables the Near East College to follow-up on students as they proceed educational their lives in and beyond the country. He then expressed how proud they were of their student Ecem Özkoççatlı and congratulated all teachers who contributed to hers success.

    She is a student who questions and researches deep into matters…

    Moreover, Işılay Arkan stated that Ecem wanted to take her education on genetics and that her school diploma average was 10.00. She is expressed to have achieved great success in the GCE examinations and has been successful not only in biology, but also in physics, and chemistry. Additionally, he stressed that Ecem was a student who questions and researches deep into matters, that she was determined, and someone who learns quickly. He also pointed out that she had been previously quite successful in the science exhibitions of the Near East College.

    “We are raising creative and knowledgeable students…”

    Head of Department of Science of Near East College Cem Hami also made a statement regarding the matter and expressed that students were raised in the best possible way; creative and knowledgeable. He added that Near East College students were provided the opportunity to be fully equipped with the skills and knowledge not only to be successful in the exams required for university applications, but also in their future lives including their careers.

    Moreover, Cem Hami stated that Near East College students improved their visions by taking examinations provided by international educational programs. Therefore, during the process they gain the chance to be creative and be contemporaneous individuals. He added that seeing the achievements of students like Ecem made them fully confident of their success and the effectiveness of the educational programs administered at the Near East College. He said that they were very proud of Ecem and that they were ready to continue to work hard to raise individuals who are equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge to be successful.

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