• A Meaningful Exhibition held by the Near East College

    Near East College students organised a exhibition for the benefit of “Children with Leukaemia”.

    The Philosophy Club, Social Responsibility Club and, teachers and students who are member of the Honorary Board jointly organised a exhibition to fund raise for children with leukaemia by selling food and drinks, alongside book marks and pencils.

    According to the press release issued by the Directorate of Press and Public Relations of Near East University, the exhibition was organised by the Near East College in order to promote support and raise awareness on the significance of leukaemia. It was stated that the event had attracted a lot of attention and that the NEC secondary school orchestra supported the event by giving a delightful concert. Furthermore, it was stated that the money collected via the school exhibition was donated to the Foundation of Children with Leukaemia.

    Social Responsibility projects hold quite a lot of significance…
    Making a statement regarding the matter, Headmaster of Near East College Işılay Arkan, stated that it was necessary for students to make contribution to the society in which they are living in. In this regard, he stated that events such as this exhibition was rather important as it promoted a feeling of social responsibility in students and make them more sensitive to communal issues. He added that carrying out social responsibility projects was one of the most significant features of the Near East College vision.

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