• Near East College Photography Trip that Put a Smile on Faces

    Within the scope of social responsibility, Near East College Psychological Counseling and Guidance Unit and Photography Club co-organized a photography trip with a group of children from the Activity Center of the Society for the Protection of Children.

    Near East University Directorate of Press and Public Relations Office released that students along with their school counselors first visited the children at the Activity Center of the Society for the Protection of Children and then, with a group of children, they went on a photo trip in Nicosia walled city.

    During the trip, the children acquired information about photography and took lots of pictures.

    It Matters to Develop Social Responsibility…..
    Near East College 6th and 7th grade Deputy Principal Ömer Özkan delivered information about the event and underlined their commitment to taking part actively in social responsibility projects as Near East College.

    Underlining that they attached importance not only on academic and sporting achievements but also on such activities, Ömer Özkan expressed his views: “Such activities enable us to introduce an unfamiliar world to our students that they have never encountered. The things that a child at the secondary school age learns by experiencing through social responsibility projects are much more valuable than what is explained in the class or what the parents have told them. Meeting different people, building empathy, enhancing themselves by helping other people and developing social responsibility contribute greatly to the students. As Near East College, we are committed to placing this phenomenon in our students. How happy we will be, if we achieve this” said he.

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