• Near Eastern College Student Receives Highest Score of Cyprus in IGCSE Sociology Exam

    Near East College student Özten Kıvılcım obtaining the highest score of A* in IGCSE Sociology Exam to which she entered at the 10the year became the pride of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus and her school With this success, Near East College has added a new addition to its academic success in foreign languages.

    According to the press information given by the Near East University Press and Public Relations Directorate, Near East College student Özten Kıvılcım will be presented her certificate of achievement by Assessment International Education at the Outstanding Cambridge Learner Awards Ceremony on Monday, January 15, 2018 in Southern Cyprus.

    A ceremony was held at the Near East College for Özten Kıvılcım who achieved a hard-to-achieve success. Kıvılcım, who accepted congratulations from friends and teachers, was applauded for minutes.

    “This Success Is Not Surprising For Us, We Are Proud …”
    Course teacher Fahriye Yeliz Köroğlu stated that they have a very organized and disciplined working system and they are proud to have taken the exam they have prepared and have achieved the best result.

    Yeliz Köroğlu stated that this result is not a surprise for them, “Our student is planning to study Economics and Politics in the UK. She worked hard for a year, constantly coming to school courses and not even skipping the tiniest details. This result was not a surprise for us. We got our hands on her. I also congratulate my school, my colleagues whom I co-ordinate, and my other colleagues who give all sort of support to our students. ”

    The Fundamental Issue in Achievement is Disciplined Study …
    “We have once again proved how successful are our courses and that there is no success that can not be achieved through well-organized study” said the School Principal Işılay Arkan, who made a statement after the ceremony.

    Arkan said that the Near East College will continue to prove that it is the most successful school in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus that has always been one of the most successful in its field and has a very strong roots and a very wide vision and that these achievements are very important not only for a school but also for a country, will continue to announce their names with such kind of success stories.

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