• Yoga – Mandala and Love Camp from Near East College…

    The Near East College Yoga – Mandala and Awareness Workshop organized a camp for two nights and three days in February for the purpose of encouraging students to take responsibility in developing the spirit of sharing and humanistic sensitivity.

    According to the information given by the Near East University Press and Public Relations Directorate, it is stated that the students carried out campus activities in the camp held at Salamis Bay Conti Resort Hotel and carried out many activities and activities during the year to strengthen their friendship, bond and love.

    Students, who practiced yoga together, draw mandalas on paper, stone and wood, improved the awareness of organizing entertainments and sharing a love affair with others. They presented gifts packages that they have prepared to each other and notes with good wishes.

    The parents of the students who participated in the camp expressed their satisfaction by stating that the camp was effective in bringing responsibility and behavioral skills to the students.

    Solidarity, Tolerance and Taking Responsibility Reinforced …
    The students showed a good example of solidarity in the camp organized to enable the students to act in cooperation, to take responsibility and to develop their skills.

    In the camp where the awareness of different opinions and thoughts is blended with tolerance, attitudes, behaviors and skills such as respect for human rights, self-awareness, trusting, taking responsibility, being able to undertake planning work habit, benefiting from their free time effectively and efficiently, being an entrepreneur, observing new situations and environments, respecting individual differences, and gain of such skills was reinforced.

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