• Near East College is the winner of Ideas for Entrepreneurship Project

    Project prepared by Near East College students won first prize at the competition titled as “Ideas for Entrepreneurship and Innovation Project Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC)” which was held among secondary school students and that was organised by Cyprus Social Sciences University.

    According to the press release issued by the Directorate of Press and Public Relations of Near East University, a competition was held among the students studying at the secondary schools of Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus to encourage them to entrepreneurship. It was stated that a total of 12 schools had participated in the competition where the project prepared by the students of Near East University won first prize.

    The project prepared by Near East College 11D-GCE Student Hatice Aydoğan and her team titled as “Public Transport” was evaluated and selected as the winner by academicians from various universities and businessmen working as part of the Cyprus Turkish Chamber of Commerce. Furthermore, the project titled as “Hyper” prepared by Near East College 11L ÖSS student Lal Sezgin Bingül and her team won first runner up prize. It was added that Near East College students Ece Çelik, Selin Karakaya and Lara Çınar had also successfully represented their school at the competition.

    The competition has a mission to encourage entrepreneurship and innovative ideas…
    The authorities of the Cyprus Social Sciences University who held the competition expressed that the main mission behind the competition was to encourage students and indicate the significance of entrepreneurship to young minds. They added that they aimed to raise young generations who have the awareness, and ability and skills to make interventions for a better world.

    In addition to the above, they expressed that this competition acted as a means to bring students studying at different schools from different backgrounds to come together; alongside showing that they had the potential to shape a career which can be both morally and financially satisfactory for them. They ended their words by emphasising that they wished to raise new generations who are aware and will be the high-quality working force of the future.

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