• The Cigarette Project brings first place in “Short Film Competition” to Near East College

    In the”Short Film” contest organized jointly by the Directorate of Civil Defense Organization and the Ministry of National Education and Culture amongst high schools, Near East College’s short film “Smoking” was awarded the first prize.

    The award presented to the Near East College at the ceremony held in Hall 4 of the Grand Library, for the short film about the damage caused by cigarettes to human health in psychological and physiological terms.

    In the statement made by the by the Directorate of the Civil Defense Organization, it was emphasized that their purpose of this event is to help the young people to develop their research skills on the basis of wisdom, to contribute to the development of love, respect and fraternity feelings and to be a responsible person about the social problems.

    It is aimed to create awareness on the harms of cigarette …
    Near East College Biology Teacher Çiğdem Ozan thanked all the students who made contribution to the event and to the school administration for their contributions, and emphasized that were very satisfied and proud with their achievements.

    Ozan said, “In our short film, emphasizing the damages that cigarettes give to human health both psychologically and physiologically, for the first time our students created an important awareness by internalizing such an experience. We are confident that we will bring forth much better works with this motivation that we have gained as theNear East College.”

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