• Near East College Students had a debate on family and environment factors in behavior

    Near East College Turkish Language and Literature Debate Club held their final event for the Academic Year 2017-2018; a debate titled as “Does the environment or a person’s family have an impact on the behaviour of an individual?”

    According to the press release issued by the Directorate of Press and Public Relations of Near East University, the debate was held in two groups. Students from 11E, Simay Kara, Fidan Doruk and Verda Akalpler were from the group which defended the idea that the family factor had an impact an individual’s behaviour; whereas Lâl Sezin Bingül from 11Y, Merve Kahya from 12 Y and Süleyman Gündüz from 12 E formed the group which defended the other thesis stating that environmental factor had an impact on an individual’s behaviour. It was pointed out that the debate was well liked by the audience and that the debate was held in a rather competitive atmosphere.

    The jury evaluating the debate consisted of Philosophy Group teacher Müge Kutgüner, Turkish Language and Literature teacher Hatice Şenbülbül and History teacher Ayşe Altun. Resultantly, Lâl Sezin Bingül, Süleyman Gündüze and Merve Kahya advocating the idea that a person’s behaviour is affected by the environment won the debate.

    The school aims to raise individuals with the skills and culture of having a debate…
    The Club teachers emphasised that winning or losing did not matter and what they aimed was to raise individuals with the culture and skills of having a debate. They stated that their main aim was to equip their students with the skills and knowledge to use their language (Turkish) effectively and correctly. Additionally, it was stated that they aimed to educate individuals who can have multiple approaches to a single matter, who question things before making a final decision and individuals who think before they act.

    In addition to the above, the club teachers pointed out that they wanted to guide their students to think quickly, have the skill to express their ideas and opinions in front of an audience effectively and that they had achieved their aims successfully with the club students. They ended their words by expression how pleased they were by the fact that a lot of students are showing interest in events such as this debate at the school more and more each day.

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