• Students Studying at Near East College spent a day full of sports

    The 8th of ‘Sports Day’ that traditionally organized by Near East College was realized.

    According to the info delivered by the Directorate of Press and Public Relations Office of Near East University, the 6th and 7th grade students of Near East College along with their teachers participated in the 8th ‘Sports Day’ and they had a day full of sports. The day was the scene of competitions in 18 different sporting events. The students, teachers and audience experienced thrilling and joyful hours throughout the event.

    Teachers competed with their students…
    The ‘Sports Day’, which was organized within the scope of May 19 celebrations, was the scene of various competitions in different sporting events including water sports, Frisbee, golf, rope jumping, bowling, football, basketball, darts, and long jump. Teachers also participated in the competing classes and competed with their students.

    At the end of the day-long event: The most sportive class, the most sportive female student, the most sportive male student and the most sportive teacher were selected and awarded.

    Awareness for Life-Long Sports should be ingrained
    Near East College administrators stated that the purpose of the event was to raise awareness for life-long sports and firmly establish the habit and ability of acting with the mentality of group behavior as well as equipping the students with competition awareness and courage.

    Award-Winners of the 8th Sports Day:

    The Most Sportive Sixth Grades:

    1. 6E
    2. 6R
    3. 6N

    The Most Sportive Sixth Grade Female Students:

    1. Nazira Alshanableh
    2. Ayşe Tanem Pirgot
    3. Nevin Baycan
    4. Tuana Şeherli

    The Most Sportive Sixth Grade Male Students:

    1. Şükrü Sağlamer
    2. Enes İmralı
    3. Emre Erçelik

    The Most Sportive Seventh Grades:

    1. 7E
    2. 7N
    3. 7D

    The Most Sportive Seventh Grade Female Students:

    1. Ece Nur Erem
    2. Naz Adıgüzel
    3. Azra Aşıksoy
    4. Açelya Dağaşaner

    The Most Sportive Seventh Grade Male Students:

    1. Metehan Fahrioğlu
    2. Kaan Kutsay
    3. Hazan Ali Akhisar

    The Most Sportive Female Teachers:

    1. Meryem Demir
    2. Bahar Özada
    3. Saniye Fındık

    The Most Sportive Male Teachers:

    1. Kenan Aydenk
    2. Burak Denizkurdu
    3. Cahit Solkanat
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