• Certificates of Achievement were presented to the students who won Dr. Suat Günsel Scholarship

    Dr. Suat GÜNSEL Scholarship is a grant that awarded to the students who are deemed eligible for the scholarship according the results of the Placement and Entrance Exam held by the Near East College every year. The students who won the scholarship in the line with the results of 2018-2019 Placement and Entrance Exam were presented their certificates of achievement by the Near East University Founding Rector Dr. Suat İ. GÜNSEL.

    According to the press release issued by the Directorate of Press & Public Relations Office of the Near East University, the Founding Rector Dr. GÜNSEL presented the students their certificates of achievement in his office and delivered inspiring advices relevant to achieving ultimate success in their educational life.

    He emphasized the “Sense of Belonging”…
    Touching upon the importance of sense of belonging in creating value in life and copping skills required to overcome difficulties, the Founding Rector Dr. Suat GUNSEL underlined that the future of the Turkish Cypriot community was brilliant, secure and promising in virtue of the well-versed new generation.

    “You are distinguished students. To be together here, to look into your eyes, to see that you are in unity and solidarity mean rooting for me which is a very important issue for the societies” said he.

    Drawing attention to the importance of rooting for societies, the Founding Rector Dr. GUNSEL stated that the students who won Dr. Suat GÜNSEL Scholarship had achieved to unite the phenomenon of intelligence and audacity required for rooting.

    Underlining the crucial role of rooting and thinking big in making dreams come true, Dr. GUNSEL voiced the outcomes of his back-dated decision. “12 years ago, I decided to buy super computer which cost around $ 8 million and was available at only 28 universities around the world. While everyone was in agreement that our priority shouldn’t be this, I was sure that our teachers and students would think big with this computer. Despite all oppositions, I said: If this computer serves the purpose of contributing to me, our teachers and valuable students in thinking big, let’s buy it”.

    Now, the Near East University IBM Super Computer with the capacity of processing approximately 20 trillion operations and data analysis per second is one of the most powerful computers across the globe. I believe that it has provided contribution to me in thinking big. If we are at a point of producing cars on a small island like Cyprus, this means that it is important to think big” noted the Founding Rector.

    Voicing his childhood dreams regarding producing cars, Dr. GUNSEL underlined the necessity of dreaming. “Think big, dream big and pursue your dreams” said he.

    In his final remarks, the Founding Rector Dr. GUNSEL stated that he was always pride not with the things that he had done but with the things that he hadn’t done so far. “As I am determined to exert all my effort and energy for my country for a better future, I refused all offers inviting me to establish university or hospital in other countries. I even refused to involve in any investment with my talent and knowledge. Always keep in your minds these three phenomena; to think big-to dream big- to pursue your dreams. These are the basic milestones required for shaping the present and the future of our country” said he.

    A cocktail was held to provide the parents with information about the Near East College…
    Upon receiving their certificates of achievement, the students along with their parents came together with the college headmaster, deputy headmasters and teachers at the cocktail that held at the Near East College Secondary School.

    Following the cocktail, Mr. Ömer Özkan, Deputy Headmaster of NEC Secondary School, provided the students and their parents introductory information about the school and the system. Touching upon the importance that they attached on education as school, Mr. Özkan answered the questions directed by the parents. The students, who won Dr. Suat GÜNSEL Scholarship, looked very pleased as they would receive not only quality education without paying any fees but also 400 TL allowance per month throughout the education period at the Near East College.

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