• Graduation Joy at the Near East College

    The Near East College 2017-2018 academic year Graduation Ceremony was held with a crowded and enthusiastic ceremony at the Near East College Garden.

    The Near East College College Director Işılay Arkan, Near East College teachers, students and parents attended to the ceremony. Students having a sense of enthusiasm have experienced the happiness of graduating from the Near East College with pride, memories and unforgetable achievements.

    According to the information given by the Near East University Press and Public Relations Directorate, the ceremony which was organized by Gizem Akmen, Turkish Language and Literature Teacher of the college, Imren Konil, English Teacher of the college, started with one minute silence and reading of the national anthem.

    Following the Turkish National Anthem, the students took their places in the ceremony area. Then, Near East College Director Işılay Arkan gave a speech at the ceremony. In his speech stating that they are dedicated to Atatürk’s Principles and Revolutions, Arkan said that the students who were entrusted by their parents and educated for the future as fully qualified individuals and graduated successfully, honored their school and their parents as well. Following the conversation of Principal Arkan, emotional moments touched to the souls during the traditional flag handover ceremony. The Turkish flag, the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus Flag and the Near East College Flags were handed over to the senior students of the next academic year with great applause at the flag handover ceremony.

    Described the proximity of being a Near Easterner …
    Prior to the granting of diplomas, the top graduate Ecem Özkoççatlı and the second of graduate rank, Mustafa Nolar, made their guests touched by their emotional speeches. Students entering the rank, first of all, presented their faithfullness and loyalty to the founding Rector of the Near East University, Dr. Suat Günsel, and the Chairman of Board of Trustees of the Near East University, who have made great contributions to the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. and always supported the young people with innovative ideas and with infinite confidence. The students said goodbye to their schools by stating that they will never forget this place of wisdom that they have left behind after 7 years of unforgetable memories and top education and that they have had the privilege of being a Near Easterner throughout their education life.

    After the conversations, the top graduate Ecem Koççatlı and the second top graduate Mustafa Nolar received their diplomas from the Near East College Director Işılay Arkan and the diplomas of Sanem Sertuğ and Mustafa Sivri who shared the third place in ranking of the graduates received their diplomas from Vice Director Alpay Ertaç. After the diplomas were given, the ceremony ended with the traditional hat throwing activity.

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