• Near East College started in 2018-209 academic year

    The 2017-2018 academic year of the Near East College commenced with enthusiasm.

    An enthusiastic opening ceremony took place at the Near East College with the participation of the management staff, teachers, elementary school, junior high school, high school students and parents. In the ceremony that started with a minute silence in memory of those who devoted their lives to their country and nation, and then reading of the National Anthem, the Head of School Işılay Arkan made a speech.

    The head of school, Arkan, said in his speech that this year will also be a year of glory like the previous year and wished all the best to the teachers, students and parents in the 2018-2019 Academic Year. He also emphasized that, leaving behind a year full of successes and now going towards bigger targets in the new education year, and becoming the first and the oldest private college of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, they would never drop the standard required to be a well-established private school.

    100% Success in IGCE Exam Results Obtained …
    Referring to the IGCE results announced during the summer, Işılay Arkan stated that they are very proud of having a 100% success in French A1 and A2 exams, especially in the areas of mathematics, physics, chemistry and biology. In the ÖSS results, the Principal of the school, who expressed happiness due to the grades achieved throughout the island, congratulated the students and the teachers who did their best in the trainings and made great achievements.

    Işılay Arkan, who also said that the non-Turkish students prefer education in foreign language and that the non-Turkish students preferred the Near East College this year as well, as it is every year, and that it is a fact that the numbers of these students increase every year and this is a gratifying situation for them and that this is a result of their success in English education.

    The opening ceremony came to an end after the speech of the Head of School Işılay Arkan, and students moved to their classes for the first lesson of the new term.

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