• Meaningful Help to Refugee Rights Association from Near East College

    The Social Responsibility Club of the Near East College visited the Refugee Rights Association as part of its activities in order to support students’ growing up as sensitive individuals.

    According to the information provided by the Near East University Press and Public Relations Directorate, students who visited the Refugee Rights Association handed over the donation funds collected to the association officials for the refugees. Students were informed by the association officials about the problems of refugees and what kind of an policies and applications are carried out for them. Association officials said that the most important issue was the fight against human trafficking and racism.

    It is aimed to train sensitive individuals who are beneficial to the society
    The Near East College Director Asım İdris stated that their vision is not only to educate academically well, but also raise a generation who are sensitive to social problems, whose awareness level is high and who are dedicated to values and principles of humanity.

    The school director Idris stated that he felt great joy in the fact that his students were in this kind of activities that created awareness in the society. The College Director emphasized that they will continue their social responsibility activities as the Near East College in the coming days.

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