• Near East College Students reinforced the Significance of Friendship and Sharing

    Near East College Year 6 and 7 students held a “Friendship Day” to improve their relationship with each other and emphasise the significance of friendship and sharing.

    According to the press release issued by the Directorate of Press and Public Relations of Near East University, students brought their own belongings such as their bikes, kites and skateboards, and shared them with other students. It was stated that sharing and playing various games had a great time as well as learning how important it was to form strong bonds among each other. Furthermore, they enjoyed the joy of eating and sharing fruits which they brought from home.

    Ömer Özkan: “We want to demonstrate the importance of sharing!”
    Head Teacher of the Near East College Middle School, Ömer Özkan, made a statement regarding the matter and expressed that through this event they wished to demonstrate the virtue of sharing and show them how sharing and friendship nurtures joy.

    He said that rather than punishing students for the wrongs that they do, it was better to reinforce positive behaviour among them. He said that Near East College not only valued the quality of education it provided to its students but also attach significance on values such as friendship. Moreover, Near East College Middle School, Ömer Özkan stated that it was very important to shift individuals from being self-centred and be respectful to others; as well as being considerate.

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