• Near East College Observation and Research Club and Middle School History Club students visited the historical streets of Nicosia

    Near East College Observation and Research Club and Middle School History Club students went on a tourist train ride on the Nicosia Train Tour initiated by the Municipality of Nicosia. The students were taken on a tour around the walled city of Nicosia with the accompaniment of a guide who provided information regarding the historical and touristic sites.

    According to the press release issued by the Directorate of Press and Public Relations of Near East University, during the train ride the students found the opportunity to establish links between the past and the present and learned detailed information regarding the places they visited. Once again they were informed by their teachers that there was a need to preserve and protect the historical sites as they were our heritage.

    The Near East College Observation and Research Club teachers made a statement regarding the trip and expressed that the students were provided the chance to internalise the information they had learned in class with the information they attained during the trip; and their awareness on history and cultural heritage was added to. In fact the teachers pointed out that the students’ interest and love for history was nurtured through this trip because they had been taken beyond the boundaries of a classroom.

    The students were introduced the cultural structures of previous civilisations…
    In addition to the above, the teachers expressed that throughout history cities have been the centre where civilisations and their related cultures evolved. In other words, over the centuries Nicosia hosted various civilisations and especially during the Lusignan and Ottoman period many structures were built. The teachers stated that these should not be only taught in course books and when possible, should be provided the opportunity to visit these historical sites and structures.

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