• Students were informed about the causes of fire and measures to be taken for prevention

    Near East College Journal Club and Geography Club students visited the Nicosia Fire Department within the scope of the events that they organized weekly and received information about probable causes of fire and measures to be taken for prevention.

    Firefighters, who were interested in students closely, addressed particularly the common causes of household fires and measures to be taken to prevent them. By sampling a few fire types, the firefighters practiced with the students how to extinguish fire and provided information about rescuing people from fire.

    Chatting with the students, the firefighters pointed out that the electrical plugs should be turned off and that all the rooms should be checked out before leaving home. In addition to the practical fire extinguishing, the fire crew also provided information about what the fire department and firefighters do in case of a fire and introduced the fire appliances and fire brigade truck to the students. The students were also provided information what to do and what number to call in case of emergency.

    Fire crew officials underlined that it was important to keep a cool head and call 199 and tell the nature and address of the fire calmly while reporting any fire. Underlining that every minute was very important for them, the fire crew officials stated that citizens should be more sensitive in recognizing emergency of fire brigade trucks and giving way for them.

    Students, who learnt what to do during a fire, expressed their satisfaction with being informed on an issue that everyone had to be knowledgeable with.

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