• Near East College Photography Club hosted the Photography Artist Buket Özatay

    Within the scope of the events that they organized weekly under the helm of the club’s responsible teacher Duyal Tüzün, Near East College Secondary School Photography Club hosted Buket Özatay, a notable art photographer that nationally and internationally awarded many times so far.

    Buket Özatay, one of the fantastic Turkish Cypriot art photographers that engaged in many branches of photography, who has taken part in many exhibitions, contests and nationally and internationally awarded many times so far, made a presentation themed “Rules of Light and Composition in Photography” for club students. In her presentation, Özatay underlined that light, composition and subject were the key factors in the great photography. Highlighting the crucial role of learning to use light and shadow together in taking great photographs, she pointed out that composition, positioning and scaling went hand in hand with lighting while taking photos. She explained the club students that they could take great photographs in accordance with basic rules regarding lighting, composition, appropriate positioning and scaling.

    Underlining that photography didn’t just mean to press the shutter button and shoot the objects seen by the lens, she stated that photography meant writing with light. “In this regard, understanding the significant role of light is a priority in photography. It is of great importance to take photos in appropriate light conditions and in accurate light values” said she. Underlining that the composition was the art of creating an order arranging the visual elements in the photographic frame in such a way as to be pleasing to the eye, Özatay stated that composition was a skill that could be acquired through good opinion, knowledge and practice.

    The presentation provided the club students not only with useful information about photography but also opportunity to get answers to the questions that they were curious about.

    At the end of the presentation, Duyal Tüzün, teacher in charge of Near East College Secondary School Photography Club, presented a certificate of thanks and a bunch of flowers to Buket Özatay on behalf of Near East College.

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