• They have reinforced the importance of solidarity and social awareness… Near East College Students paid a visit to the Association of the Visually Impaired

    Students of the Near East College Social Responsibility Club visited the Turkish Cypriot Association of the Visually Impaired and received information about the activities carried out by the association.

    The Association Chairman Derviş Yücetürk and other staff welcomed the students and provided them with information by touring the building of the association.

    Indicating that the association, which was officially established in 1976 under the name “Altı Nokta (six Point) Solidarity Association and currently continued its activities under the name of Cyprus Turkish Association for Visually Impaired, Mr. Yücetürk stated that the Association carried out effective activities in order to solve social, economic and other problems encountered by persons with sight impaired. Yücetürk also stated that they had been exerting effort to ensure not only moral and material solidarity but also other social rights and benefits such as education, health, rehabilitation, employment, and social security for their members.

    The Association Chairman Yücetürk noted that they granted a white walking stick, a braille watch, Turkish speaking watch, tactile writing pencils to each of 430 sight impaired members. He also added that Perkins type writing devices were granted to those members who knew how to use it.

    Responsibility and Awareness for Lending a Hand have importance…
    Having been affected deeply from the information that they had acquired, the Club students highlighted the importance of social awareness and responsibility in meeting the needs of the persons with disabilities and protecting their rights and ensuring an accessible and inclusive society by keeping in mind that each of us is a candidate to be an impaired person.

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