• Near East College Students visited the Private Ethnographic Museum of Cyprus

    Near East College Observation and Research Club, which carries out activities in order to raise awareness on many issues such as culture and history, organized a trip to the Private Ethnographic Museum of Cyprus.

    The Directorate of Press and Public Relations Office of Near East University released that Ergün Pektaş, the Founding Director of the museum, welcomed the students and provided them with information regarding the collection of the museum consisting of Cyprus specific traditional garments not available in our days, hand woven fabrics, embroideries, wood engravings, stone carvings, silver jewelries, ceramic products, various tools and intruments used in agriculture and crafts.

    Students also had the opportunity to visit places that were part of our culture such as Cyprus village coffeehouse, Cyprus village house, Cyprus town house and Ottoman divan room and see the exhibited objects in their original sites.

    Drawing attention to the benefit of the observation trip for the students, teachers in charge of the club highlighted that such trips provided students with opportunity to enhance their knowledge accumulation in the field of history and culture and grow up as individuals sensitive to the environment as well. Th Underlinin that they were devoted to raise well equipped students having a solid cultural level and comprehensive knowledge grounding on strong basis, the teachers stated that they were very satisfied with the feedback of their efforts as they got very successful results from the students.

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