• Badminton Pride of the Near East College… Both Boys’ and Girls’ Badminton Teams of the Near East College have become the champions

    Having been organized by the Ministry of National Education, the Inter-High schools Badminton Championship was held at Near East College Sports Hall.

    Both Boys’ and Girls’ Badminton Teams of Near East College won all the matches and became the champions of TRNC without experiencing a single defeat. NEC High-school Badminton Team will compete in Turkish Inter-High Schools Badminton Championship to be held in Erzican in April, 2019 and represent Near East College and our country.

    Unbreakable Tradition in Badminton Championship…
    Competing versus Bülent Ecevit Anatolian High-school (BEAL), Namık Kemal High-school and GMMML in quarter finals, Near East College High-school Boys’ Badminton Team defeated all the rivals with a net score of 5-0 and made it to semifinals without losing a set versus its opponents. Exhibiting a stunning performance versus Nicosia Turkish High-school (LTL) at the semifinal, NEC Boys’ Badminton Team achieved 5-0 win and made it to the final. Facing English School of Kyrenia (ESK) at the final, Near East College didn’t give any chance to the rival and achieved its 8th consecutive championship by defeating ESK with a net score of 5-0.

    Taking the badminton court versus Haydarpaşa Commercial High-School, Kyrenia American College and Atatürk Vocational High-school, Near East College Girls’ Badminton Team defeated the opponent teams respectively with a net score of 5-0 and made it to the semifinal by ranking the top of the group. Facing the English School of Kyrenia (ESK) for the semifinal, Near East College achieved to make it to final with a resounding 5-0 win. Near East College and Atatürk Vocational High-School took the court once again at the final game. Exhibiting a high performance, Near East College defeated the opponent by a net score of 5-0 and achieved a great success by winning the championship for the 8th time.

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