• Near East College Students sponsored the Educational Expenses of a Child from SOS Children’s Village

    The students and teachers of the Social Responsibility Club of Near East College have set another example by deciding the sponsor the educational expenses of a child who resides in SOS Children’s village, which is a non-governmental organisation that is focused on supporting children without parental care and/or families at risk.

    It was stated that for this reason, the Near East College Social Responsibility Club students and teachers paid a visit to the SOS Children’s Village. During the visit, the students found the opportunity to learn about how the village functions and develop their empathy and socialising skills. Furthermore, based on their own drives, the Near East College students made a decision of which they informed their teachers to fund a year’s educational expenses of a child who resides at the SOS Children’s Village. In fact, the students also expressed that they wished to reach out to masses of people to encourage them to pick up on their social responsibilities.

    It is essential for each and every individual to develop a sense and responsibility of Social Responsibility…
    The Near East College Social Responsibility Club teachers made a statement regarding the matter and have expressed that in a way, social responsibility was acting sensitively together for the benefit of the society. They also emphasised that it is the duty of every individual to learn to respond to cultural, social, economic and environmental issues and needs; and learn to act as an individual, or within a group in an ethical way.

    Teachers say that club students and all other students are benefiting from the actions they are targeting by addressing the needs and problems of the society, regardless of personal interests.

    In addition to the above, they stated that as the Near East College they supported similar social responsibility project as they strongly believed that these were a means to teach the students empathy, altruism, philanthropy, philosophy of life and social values.

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