• A Seminar on “Safe and Responsible Internet Use” was given at Near East College

    Near East College Psychological Counselling and Guidance Unit organised a seminar on “Safe and responsible internet use” for year 6 students of Near East College.

    According to the press release issued by the Directorate of Press and Public Relations of Near East University, Academic Member of the Near East University Computer Education and Instructional Technologies, Assoc Prof Dr Erinç Erçağ gave a seminar to the Near East College students regarding safe internet use and possible dangerous of social media.

    It was announced that Assoc Prof Dr Erinç Erçağ made a slide presentation and informed the students on how to use the internet more safely and more beneficially. He provided details regarding using passwords for facebook, twitter and messenger. Also, the content of what is shared at a social media and how it could harm an individual unconsciously.

    Assoc Prof Dr Erinç Erçağ expressed how the ease of quick access to information and connectedness can be a source of threat and how this should be avoided. It was pointed out that the seminar ended subsequent to answering the questions of the students on the matter.

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