• Near East College Students informed about Professions at Near East University

    Near East College Psychological Counseling and Guidance Unit organized “Profession Presentation Days” for Year 12 students. Within the scope of the activity, the students visited the Faculties of Near East University and received information about departments and occupational areas.

    According to the information given by the Near East University Press and Public Relations Directorate, the activity aimed to answer the questions formed in the minds of students; “Which profession is suitable for me? Will I be happy for a lifetime in my chosen profession? I want to hear the experiences of the people who are successful in the professions…”

    In order to eliminate the questions formed in the minds of the students, the professions which will be in demand were mentioned about. Attention was drawn to new professions of the information age.The students had the opportunity to examine their study and application areas on-the-spot with the aim of giving important directions to the students about the correct target setting. The students showed great interest in the activity that helped the students to raise awareness about their expectations and about the professions that they may like to do.

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