• Near East College Students came together with Education Specialist Sadık Gültekin in Education, Success and Motivation Seminar

    Near East College Psychological Counseling and Guidance Unit organized a seminar on motivation and anxiety for the 12th year students in cooperation with the Near East University.

    In the seminar, where education specialist Sadık Gültekin, who is also the producer and presenter of Right Choice program aired by NTV, gave information to the students about exam anxiety, motivation and correct choice.

    Gültekin gave examples from the lives of the students who had won very good universities because they worked very hard and emphasized the the importance of self-belief, willingness and determination on the way of success.

    In addition to the education received during the university education period, Sadık Gültekin stated that there are positive factors in the beginning of an individual’s career life, such as the ability to show the difference between everyone else and his potentials.

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