• Near East College Middle School held a Creative Drama Event for its Students…

    Psychological Counselling and Guidance Unit of Near East College Middle School organised a creative drama event for its year 7 students with the aim to develop students’ imaginations and facilitate their creativity.

    It was stated that the event was organised by the academic member of Near East University Specialist Yasemin Sorakın Ballı, and the students were informed on effective communication against violence. Furthermore, it was stated that the students took great pleasure from the creative drama study which was based on observation and imagination.

    Subsequent to the completion of the event, Specialist Psychological Counsellor Duyal Tüzün, teacher of Near East College Middle School Department of Psychological Counselling and Guidance, and Psychological Counsellor Meral Özgüren Malek presented a thank you plaque to Yasemin Sorakın Ballı for organising the event.

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