• Students Followed the Digital Development Process… A Technology Seminar was held at Near East College…

    Organised as a result of cooperation between the Ministry of National Education and Northern Cyprus Turkcell, “Technology Seminar” was held at the Near East College for the year 6 students.

    It was stated that the “Technology Seminar” consisted of details regarding rapidly changing and evolving technology. Furthermore, the students were provided information on the change and development of technology from the past to present, in addition to information on safe information use and the impact of technology on our lives. Also, the seminar offered information on virtual reality games they found the opportunity to learn about latest technologies.

    Throughout the seminar, the students found the chance to enjoy themselves alongside learning about threats and opportunities brought via technology. Moreover, a comparison of technology of the past and today was made. Furthermore, videos on future technologies were shown, the benefits and use of technology in the field of education were discussed, and finally access to information and safety rules were scrutinised.

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