• 2 Awards and 5 Exhibits to Near East College from Colgate Poster Competition…

    Held by Chamber of Cyprus Turkish Dentists due to Dentists Week Events in November, a competition was held among students in middle schools and as a result of this competition, Colgate Poster Competition, Near East College was awarded Second Runner up and Honorary Mention Award.

    It was revealed that a total of a thousand and eight posters competed in the competition and Near East College was awarded the second runner-up award to Elif Eylül Atsatan’s poster; whereas Vedia Evre’s poster got honorary mention award. Furthermore, it was stated that the posters of Near East College Ceyda Emre, Arel Zekai, Semra Turay, Yücel Besire Sağkanat and Esra Emirler’s posters have been found worthy to be exhibited. As a result of the competition the total of 38 posters, which have got various awards, will be included into a booklet.

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