• Near East College Students held a discussion on “Students’ Role in School Management”…

    Near East College Department of Turkish Language and Literature held a discussion event for students themed on “Students’ Role in School management”.

    It was stated that there were two opposing groups for the discussion where group I students argued that “Students should be involved in school management” whereas group IIargued that “Students should not be involved in school management”.

    Providing further details, it was stated that the discussion was held at Near East College Auditorium and that students made presentations via slides giving information on education systems used around the world. Students made reference to democracy, human rights, educational systems and school environments.

    The discussion was realised quite competitively and group I consisted of Ayda Canova, Salahi Aldağ, Özten Kıvılcım and Özdemir Uskuri; and on the other hand, group II consisted of Görkem Bozan, Yahor Yıldırım, Yunus Barker and Osman Koçak. It was pointed out that group I refuted all the theses put forward by group II and won the debate.

    The discussion was completed in a well-organised manner and students found the opportunity to get insights into different perspectives on the matter. Upon completion, the students watching the debate applauded loudly as they found the discussion event rather fruitful and broadening students’ thinking and analysis skills.

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