• The End-of-Year show of Near East College was Highly Liked…

    Recently held, the end-of-year show of the Near East College has received great interest and was highly liked and attended by family and friends.

    It was stated that the event was held at Near East University Atatürk Culture and Congress Centre and students put on music, dance and theatre shows. The performances were well-liked and applauded by the audience.

    According to the statement provided by the Near East College the event commenced with a minute’s silence, followed by the national anthem. Then, a speech was made by the Head of the Near East Middle School Ömer Özkan. He stated that just as it is the case every year, they had completed an academic year with outstanding achievements; including championships, awards and attainments within the field of education. Furthermore, he added that throughout the academic year, the performances to be put forth at the evet were the result of year-round effort and in this regard, he expressed many thanks to students and teachers who worked devotedly.

    The performances exceeded the audience’s expectations …
    The first performance was made by the school choir which appealed the audience and in fact, created an environment of great excitement and joy in the hall. Subsequent to the choir performance, a dance show was made by the Near East College Dance Group which was referred to as ‘fantastic’ by the audience.
    Then, a play titled as “Matilda” was performed in English. It was pointed out that the play was based on a naughty girl and her school adventures. Following this play, a gymnastics show was also performed that left the audience in great pleasure and amazement.

    There was also a play by the Turkish Theatre Club of the Near East College called “Modern Zaman İçinde” (in the contemporary period) and it was focused on how mobile phones have influenced our lives. The play gave a take -home message and was highly appreciated by the audience.

    Another play was performed by the French Club titled as “What would it be like if Red Kit and the Daltons were in Cyprus?”. The play caused great laughter nd amusement in the audience and applauded for minutes.
    It was stated that the end-of year show ended with a fold-dance performance which reflects the morals and culture of our country.

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