• The Dreamlike Trip… Near East College Students at NASA…

    NASA Kennedy Space Center Space Science Tour, which was organized by the Dorana Tourism in collaboration with the Near East College which adopted the new generation education philosophy and educates the individuals that the world will need in future.

    During the trip to NASA Kennedy Space Center, that aimed on-the-spot research, encouraging young people to work on science, experience on-the-spot examination, explore the future of the space age and improve the vision of students to be a pioneer in this field, the students met with NASA Astronauts received special training, had the opportunity to see the shuttle Atlantis, visited the launch ramp, and had a simulated 4D Mars journey adventure through which they landed on Mars and had a walk on the surface of Mars.

    The students, who had the chance to learn NASA’s works and individual questions directly from the first-person-relevant, received a special training certificate for their names which will take them a step forward in their education life after the training they received during the NASA trip.

    Exciting Space Adventure…
    Students, who visited the NASA Kennedy Space Center in Orlando during their Space Science tour, first visited the Space Shuttle Atlantis. Students who had launch experience of the Shuttle had the opportunity to explore the heroes of the Abi Stronot Hala of Fame presented by Boeing. Throughout the day, students were engaged in various activities and took a bus tour throughout the Kennedy Space Center, including the Apollo Saturn V center.

    Lunch with Nasa Astronaut…
    Students who traveled to Mars through a simulated journey as part of the Science Tour met a true astronaut and studied IMAX Thether 3D films and the launch of the rocket. After the trip, the Near East College students had lunch with a NASA astronaut and took a photo with the Astronaut. After the meal, students who saw the space shuttle launch areas, control room and laboratories, experienced the challenging and exciting journeys from earth to space with 3D IMAX. Students who met with astronauts took the basic lessons of space travel in space flight simulators, received information about space science and space shuttle by simulating space shuttle control and studying with astronauts. To learn the life of the astronauts in space, the students who experienced the space base life accompanied by the simulator also experienced the Mars trip.

    Trained on Mars Module…
    At the Kennedy Space Center, the students who took Mars training with the astronauts carried out activities such as landing on Mars and marching with the crew on the surface of Mars. Students engaged in Micgrogravity simulation activity held as part of the space walk activity. Students were accompanied by an astronaut of NASA’s Space Lunch System (SLS) rocket, a member of both the launch control team and the Orion capsule team. Students receiving Base Training in Mars had the opportunity to manage the basic operations in in Mars centre, while studying the harvested plants in the plant laboratory. They also experienced the Robot programming process to overcome the difficulties of living in harsh environments by optimizing solar energy through the 4D Mars Transfer Theater.

    Asım İdris: “We wanted to show that dreams can turn into reality with the philosophy of on-site education…”
    Asım İdris, Principal of Near East College, stating that NASA trip is a great dream for many people, said that they organized this trip to show that dreams can turn into reality.

    Asım İdris, the Principal, who gave information about the trip, stated that they act with the aim of showing the students that it is possible to realize these dreams. Idris; “We prepare our students for the future world and give them the ability to think great for their future. The NASA trip is an indication of how far the Near East College’s educational understanding, philosophy and vision can go. By breaking routine and ordinary ways of thinking, we offered our students the opportunity to experience scientific thinking and what human beings have achieved. ”While visiting the Kennedy Space Training Center in Orlando, Florida, Asım İdris said that the students had an unforgettable space experience by participating in various NASA activities such as Astronaut Training experience, while giving students the opportunity to study spacecraft one-to-one and communicate closely with astronauts and the students expanded their visions by examining the dimensions reached by science, engineering and cultures.

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