• Enthusiasm of the Republic at Near East College

    Republic of Turkey’s 96th anniversary was celebrated with enthusiasm in a ceremony held at the Near East College.

    During the ceremony held on the occasion of October 29 Republic Day, speeches were made about the meaning and importance of the day. In the ceremony where poems and anthems were performed, the Oratorio of the National Anthem was read.

    At the celebration events that started with pne-minute-silence in memory of the martyrs and reading of the National Anthem, School Principal Asım İdris made a speech pointing out the meaning and importance of the day. In his speech, Principal Idris emphasized that the protection of Republican values is one of our most important responsibilities and mentioned about the duties of the youth.

    Emphasizing the importance of keeping Atatürk’s ideas alive, İdris drew attention to the importance of opening up to the world by protecting cultural values as well as growing up as free people who know how to reach the right information and who are in search of science, art and sports.

    After the speech stating the meaning and importance of the day, the ceremony which continued with the Oratorio of National Anthem ended with the reading of poems and anthems.

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