• Near East College Student Ada Özkul is the World’s Number One in IGCSE Turkish Exam

    Near East College grade 10N science student Ada Özkul has become the World’s number one by achieving the highest mark in the world for Turkish exam that held within the scope of International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE).

    Once again Near East College is proud of the success achieved by her student Ada Özkul in IGCSE Turkish Exam. According to the info released by Near East College, her 10th grade student Ada Özkul has achieved the highest mark in translating articles from English to Turkish and from Turkish to English and realized an outstanding success by becoming the “World’s Number One” in IGCSE Turkish Exam, which is held in more than 100 countries with the participation of millions of students.

    Ada Özkul has achieved to leave the other students behind and ranked the top of the World in IGCSE exam by virtue of her competence in using a wide-ranging Turkish and English vocabulary, correct grammar, spelling and punctuation accurately and effectively. Ada Özkul will receive her certificate, which is globally recognized and accepted as an indicator of academic competence, at the “Outstanding Pearson Learner Awards” ceremony to be organized by Pearson-Edexcel on 12 December, 2019.

    Accomplishments Achieved so far are proud…
    Stating that the Near East College has achieved significant accomplishments in the IGCSE program, which is attended by students who want to benefit from the opportunities of studying abroad, School Principal Asım İdris said that the achievements were proud.

    Underlining that the International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) courses were designed to develop students’ educational skills required for life such as recalling information, problem solving, taking initiative, teamwork and inquiring, School Principal Asım İdris stated that the accomplishments achieved in these exams were honor for students and great prestige for the school.

    Stating that Near East College achieved 100% success in exams held every year, the School Principal Asım İdris expressed his views: “These proud achievements indicate that we are at a good standard. Our curricula comprise all standards and benchmarks set by national and international bodies. Our student-center educational programs provide students to learn through group work and one-to-one apps. Their success is not coincidence; we consider it as a reflection of a systematized school along with her competent teaching staff and disciplined work. I congratulate Ada Özkul, our student who achieved the highest mark and become the World’s number one in IGCSE Turkish O’level exam, for her hard work and dedication in achieving this success”.

    Success is achieved through great work and dedication…
    Nezire Dahlameroğlu, Head of the Department of Foreign Languages of Near East College, said that Ada Özkul’s success in achieving the first-place in ICGSE Turkish exam, which is known as a reliable source for entry to higher education institutions all over the world, belonged to the Near East College.

    Stating that students could take IGCSE exams starting from grade 10, Dahlameroğlu highlighted the crucial role of the syllabus in developing students’ abilities in using language accurately and effectively with a wide-ranging vocabulary, correct grammar and spelling. “In Addition to our most contemporary syllabus, we organize many preparatory exams for our students in order to prepare them for the formal IGCSE exams in the best way. Since mastery in mother-tongue is of importance in English language education, we work in coordination with the Department of Turkish language” noted she.

    Highlighting that their aim in English language teaching is to develop the students’ abilities to communicate clearly, accurately and effectively, Dahlemeroğlu noted that the Department of English Language had a broad accumulation of resources and knowledge acquired through many years adding that they raised well-equipped students thanks to the devoted efforts of their competent teaching staff.

    I have experienced the Greatest Pride in my professional life…
    Highlighting the crucial role of hard work and dedication in achieving success, English course teacher Özge Avşaroğlu stated that her student Ada Özkul worked hard in an unyielding manner and made them proud by achieving the highest mark in IGCSE Turkish O’ level exam. “To be the World’s number one among hundreds of students is an honor for her and great pride for us” said she.

    Stating that Ada Özkul had added a new outstanding success to the accomplishments of Near East College, Avşaroğlu expressed her feelings: “My student Ada’s outstanding success is the greatest and the most beautiful pride I have experienced in my professional life. I congratulate her for this proud success and wish continued success”.

    An expected success…
    Underlining that Ada Özkul is a student, who uses Turkish language accurately and effectively, who has a wide-ranging rich vocabulary, who is successful in expressing her feelings and views clearly, who is imaginative and capable to reflect this remarkably well into words, her Turkish language teacher Necibe Arabulucu says: ” Ada’s success is not a surprise for me; it is an achievement that I expected”.

    Believing has brought success…
    Ada Özkul, who has become the World’s number one by achieving the highest mark in the world for IGCSE Turkish exam, expressed her views: “I owe my success to my teachers. In this regard, I would like to take this opportunity and extend my sincere appreciations to my teachers of English, especially to Özge Avşaroğlu, who has been my teacher of English for the last two years. Near East College is a unique educational ground that offers the students not only an environment to achieve the highest point of their learning and awareness but also programs encouraging them working through analysis and synthesis methods. The quality education that I received at the Near East College, reading widely, doing homework and believing have brought this success. I would like to thank my school, which believes in me and shares this happiness with me”.

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