• Near East College Student Ayten Çamur is the World’s Top Performing Student in IGCSE Mathematics exam and Europe’s Top Performing Student in IGCSE Biology and IGCSE Chemistry exams

    Achieving the highest mark in three branches in the International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) exam, Near East College 11M grade student Ayten Çamur has become the world’s number one in Mathematics and Europe’s number one in Biology and Chemistry.

    Ayten Çamur will receive her certificate, which is globally recognized and accepted as an indicator of academic competence, at the “Outstanding Pearson Learner Awards” ceremony to be organized by Pearson-Edexcel on 12 December, 2019.

    Near East College students have realized many accomplishments in international exams held so far. The Near East College is once again proud of her students who crowned their school by achieving the World’s and Europe’s top in IGCSE exams, which award certificates that internationally recognized and valid mainly in England and all over the World.

    The consequences of disciplined and serious work are being received…
    Highlighting the significant role of quality education as well as hard work, dedication, motivation and devotion in achieving the goals, the School Principal Asım İdris stated that NEC student Ayten Çamur had become the world’s and Europe’s top performing student by achieving the highest mark in three main branches of IGCSE. He underlined that the student’s success was a clear indicator of the importance that Near East College attached on quality education, disciplined and serious work.

    Underlining that academic achievements were never a coincidence, School Principal Asım İdris stated that academic success was the consequence of hard work, perseverance, learning and studying under the guidance of competent teaching staff in a distinguished educational ground. “Near East College always attaches great importance on providing quality education in compliance with standards and benchmarks set by national and international bodies. Our teaching staff works devotedly to raise our students in the best way. Our IGCSE program provides our students with opportunity to boast their learning performances by developing their skills in creative thinking, inquiring and problem solving. Our IGCSE courses and preparatory exams help our students to prepare themselves to IGCSE exams in the best way. This program has been designed so as to raise students who are well-equipped, self-confident,
    innovative, critical thinking, responsible, and focused on success and capable to address the needs of today’s rapidly changing world. Our student’s success in becoming the world’s and Europe’s number one student is a clear evidence indicating the extent of our competency both in numerical field and foreign language field. I would like to take this opportunity and extend my congratulations to our student Ayten Çamur, whom we are proud of, and all her teachers that contributed to her success” noted he.

    Working Discipline and Determination bring success…
    Underlining that determination and working in a disciplined manner constitude the stepping stones to success, Ayten Çamur’s Biology Teacher Çiğdem Ozan expressed her views: “Ayten has always been a model student with her determination and discipline. Success comes to those who have the will and dare to achieve it. Our student has achieved to be the world’s top performing student in IGCSE Mathematics and Europe’s top performing student in Biology and Chemistry. I consider her outstanding success as a consequence of her determination, discipline, and her aspiration in pursuing learning every detail of the relevant subject as well as her ability in working in harmony with her competent group teachers. Our syllabus and learning activities that we implement as Biology group teachers clearly show that student-oriented learning, every quiz and test taken after the subject, personally feasible experiments regarding the relevant subject, preparatory exams, and solving GCSE exams held in previous years, ensure outstanding success in the prestigious IGCSE exams at international platform without having extra support. I sincerely congratulate our student, who has achieved to be the world’s number one in IGCSE Mathematics and Europe’s number one in IGCSE Biology and Chemistry. I wish her many returns of great success”.

    A Systematic Study Example…
    Underlining that her student Ayten Çamur has always been at the forefront with her inquiring spirit and her determination in pursuing her goals, the Chemistry teacher Yeliz Akça Domaniçdağ stated that Ayten’s Çamur’s outstanding success in the International General Certificate of Secondary Schools (IGCSE) exams were proud for the Near East College family.

    “We are experiencing the happiness and pride of adding another success to our success stories in the internationally recognized IGCSE and GCE exams. We have prepared well by taking into consideration every detail in our syllabus that renewed last year. Our student’s outstanding success is the fruit of hard work and determination as well as our well-designed syllabus. It is more than happiness to harvest the fruit of our new syllabus. Demonstrating a systematic way of working towards setting the goal and achieving that goal, our student had left her mark in IGCSE exams by achieving to be the world’s top performing student in Mathematics and

    Europe’s top performing student in Biology and Chemistry. I sincerely congratulate our student and wish her continued success” said she.

    We have reached our goal with pride…
    Indicating that they were expecting Ayten Çamur to come to the top of the world by achieving the highest mark in IGCSE Mathematics, the Maths teacher stated that they had achieved their goal with pride. “I have been the mathematics teacher of Ayten Çamur for about 3 years. During the first two years, we prepared together for the IGCSE Mathematics exam, and during this process, Ayten’s aspiration for regular and systematic work and her meticulousness attracted my attention. In fact, we have aimed to achieve the first-place since the first day and we have reached our goal with pride. First of all, Ayten believed that she would succeed and she had achieved to be the world’s top performing student by working consistently in a disciplined manner. I sincerely congratulate her” noted he.

    “I have worked and prepared in a Systematic Manner…”
    Near East College student Ayten Çamur, who has achieved to be the World’s number one in IGCSE Maths and Europe’s number one in IGCSE Biology and Chemistry by achieving the highest mark in the relevant exams, delivered a speech and expressed her views and feelings: “I have ranked the top in IGCSE exams in three branches including Mathematics, Biology and Chemistry. I owe this success to my competent and devoted teachers. They have always encouraged and motivated me for hard, regular and systematic work. By solving many questions, participating in preparatory exams regarding IGCSE, under the guidance of my teachers, I have exerted great effort without compromising discipline, hard work and determination. Finally, I have achieved what they expected from me. To be the top performing student of the world and Europe is a distinguished pride and honor for me. I would like to take this opportunity and extend my thanks to my Biology teacher Çiğdem Ozan, my Chemistry teacher Yeliz Akça, my Mathematics teacher Melahat Uskiri and all my teachers for their unique contributions. I also extend my appreciations to Near East College for providing us with quality education to raise us in the best way without needing private lessons and I sincerely thank my parents who believe in me, who trust and support me throughout all processes”.

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