• 9th Career Day Event held at Near East College

    Held by the Near East College Psychological Counseling and Guidance Department to guide the students in making the right choice for their professional life, the “9. Career Day ”event was carried out with the slogan “Choosing a Job is Choosing Life .

    In the 9th Career Day event this year, 11th and 12th-year students met with many professionals and received information from academicians and experts in order to make their career choices more professionally.

    Within the scope of career day activities, experts and specialists from medical groups such as medicine, pharmacy, veterinary medicine, nutrition, dentistry, genetics, psychology as well as law, plastic arts, graphic design communication, business and economics, architecture, engineering, maritime and pilotage, translation, and social media expertise transferred professional information to students.

    In the activity organized with the slogan “Choosing a Career is Choosing a Life”, the students were informed about the choice of a profession that could meet their life expectations and values, their occupational characteristics, the occupational characteristics of the profession they would choose, the working environments, and the positive and negative aspects of the professions.

    Emphasis was placed on the importance of career choice…
    In the statement made by the Near East College Psychological Counseling and Guidance Department, it was stated that “the choice of profession is very important for the individuals to meet their economic and social needs in the future. An individual who has reached the stage of choosing a profession needs to know what he wants in order to make the right decision. After this stage, various professional groups should be examined and assessed to see how well each of them suits their wishes. When choosing a suitable occupational group, one should concentrate on a profession that will fit his or her knowledge and skills. In the detailed examination, it should be searched for answers to various questions such as occupation areas, average income and future status of the profession and if it is positive, it should take its place among the selectable professions ”.

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