• Near East College students visited Tashkent Nature Park and obtained information about nature and wildlife

    Near East College Observation and Research Club students, conducting activities with the scope of encouraging students to participate in social life, finding solutions for problems, preparing directive projects, improving knowledge about the history and raising awareness on social issues as sensitive individuals, visited Tashkent Nature Park.

    During the visit to Tashkent Nature Park, the students were informed by the authorities that Tashkent Nature Park started its activities in February 2016, works for the benefit of nature and wildlife, and is a non-profit organization and a huge social responsibility project.

    The main areas of activity of the park are wildlife protection, environmentalist agriculture, treatment and rehabilitation of wild animals in order to send them back to nature, and to raise love and awareness on environment and nature.

    As a result of the calls to 1190 Wildlife Support Line established exclusively for Tashkent Nature Park, it was shared with the students that 24/7 service was provided to bring back the wild, sick and needy wild animals to nature. For the animals that cannot be restored to nature, Tashkent Nature Park has created living spaces in which animals can live in accordance with their nature.

    Educational projects for children and youth are conducted…
    Authorities stated that creating a highly self-aware generation is one of the future-oriented goals of Tashkent Nature Park, and also mentioned about Tashkent Nature Park’s educational projects for children and young people.

    In this context, children and young people can visit the Tashkent Nature Park and observe the site with expert staff, and obtain information about nature and wildlife issues, and raise awareness on these issues.

    Awareness was developed against nature and wildlife…
    Club students expressed their appreciation for the Tashkent Nature Park and said that they were very proud to have such a place in our country and that they would report to the 1190 Wildlife Support Line as soon as they saw animals in need or injured in nature.

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