• Don’t buy, adopt! Near East College Students visited the Animal Shelter

    The Near East College Social Responsibility Club students visited the animal shelter in the Industrial Zone of Nicosia.

    During the visit, the students were provided information on services offered at the animal shelter and gave details regarding the project, which has the slogan “Don’t buy, Adopt!”, encouraging people to adopt street animals. Given the opportunity to spend time with the dogs at the shelter, love for animals was instilled in students.

    The significance of nurturing youngsters’ love and respect for animals was pointed out
    Making a statement regarding the visit to the animal shelter, Near East College Social Responsibility teachers expressed that it was very important to nurture youngsters’ love and respect for animals as these contributed greatly to their development. Furthermore, they stated that love of animals occupies a critical place in their emotional adulthood as well as in their upbringing as a social entity adapting to society. However, it is only possible to achieve this positive effect, if individuals do not perceive animals/pets as an object that can be bought and thrown away. In this regard, they pointed out to the necessity of parents’ and teachers’ awareness on the issue so as to direct youngsters accordingly. Moreover, they stressed that youngsters growing up with computers and expensive toys which are consumed quickly can accustom them to be insensitive, self-centred and sometimes cruel.

    The Near East College Social Responsibility teachers emphasised that they were to continue to organise events for their students so that they can raise them as individuals who are compassionate and sensitive to nature and the living things in nature.

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