• Near East College Social Responsibility Club visited Refugee Rights Association

    Near East College Social Responsibility Club students visited the Refugee Rights Association to raise awareness of refugee rights.

    During the trip held by the Social Responsibility Club to support the upbringing of students as sensitive individuals, the students received information about the association established in 2009 in order to make legal and social contributions to refugees due to deficiencies and rights violations in the northern part of Cyprus.

    The students were also informed about the problems of the refugees on the island and what kind of practices were done for them from the first moment they came to the island.

    Students asked questions about human trafficking and the fight against racism. The students, who became aware of the fact that the case of the refugee rights is a sensitive issue, pointed out that it is very important that the individuals in the society act with the awareness of social responsibility and support disadvantaged groups and benefit the society in this way.

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