• They listened with great enthusiasm…Professor of Physics Prof. Dr. Kerem Cankoçak gave a conference to Near East College students on Universe, Science and Technology

    Academic Member of Department of Physics Engineering of Istanbul University, who has also worked at CERN for many years, Prof. Dr. Kerem Cankoçak gave a conference tiled as “Science to Understand the World” to the students of Near East College, as part of the periodic conferences organised by the NEU Experimental Health Sciences Research Centre (DESAM).

    Prof. Dr. Kerem Cankoçak informed the Near East College students on how science emerged and developed and focused on the answers to questions such as: Why does and apple fall from a tree? What is gravity? Why is there gravity? What is the origin of the basic laws of science? What is symmetry breaking and how does it occur? What is the relationship between science and philosophy? Furthermore, Prof. Dr. Cankoçak pointed out that all technological development was based on basic scientific research. He said:

    ‘‘He discussed issues concerning science, stating that science which has a 4000-year history tried to find answers to questions like `Where does everything around us come from? Why do we exist? Is there a beginning or an end to the universe? How does the sun shine?”

    In addition to the above, he stated that the answers to the aforementioned questions were later before us as technological developments. Moreover, he emphasised that all devices ranging from X-rays to televisions in our homes were invented due to scientists working in CERN-like laboratories through an effort to understand the universe; and therefore, a result of scientific curiosity turning into technologies.

    The relationship between science and philosophy was discussed
    Prof. Dr. Kerem Cankoçak also emphasised that there was a relationship between science and philosophy and that questions related to science and philosophy could never be fully answered, Furthermore, he said that a philosophy that is not based on the laws of physics will remain only as an idealistic philosophy at the level of unspoiled speculation. He stressed that

    in this context, the difference between philosophy and science is not the questions asked or answers sought. Prof. Dr. Cankoçak said that until the 18th century, intellectuals were not alien to the scientific developments of their time. Later, philosophy was separated from basic science and that basic sciences were separated from each other as physics, chemistry and biology. In the following centuries, many different areas of expertise began to emerge within each field. Prof. Dr. Cankoçak ended his words by stating that nowadays, the areas of expertise are so much that a scientist could not keep up/follow the developments in these areas except their own fields of study.

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