• “Madness Season” documentary was watched with interest at Near East College

    The documentary “Madness Season”, which was shot in memory of Arda Erkan who lost his life in a young age in 2015, was screen played for the 11 grade students with the organization of Psychological Counseling and Guidance Unit of Near East College.

    The documentary, which was screened at the Conference Hall of Near East College with the participation of Gülseren and Mustafa Erkan, Arda Erkan’s parents, was very fruitful in terms of providing the students with opportunity to get to know the risk factors that threaten personality and behavioral characteristics.

    Talking with the students before the screening of the documentary, Arda Erkan’s parents stated that they adopted it as a mission to shed light and raise awareness in the future generations by having the documentary screened.

    The storyline of the documentary is based on Arda’s experiences narrated by his parents and friends. In this context, the documentary stands out as a symbol of the struggle against drug abuse. The documentary draws attention to the risk factors and unveils how an academically successful, athlete, friendly individual, who is in good care in the family, was driven to experience personal, emotional, social and behavioral problems originated from his weakness of not being able to say “no”.

    The documentary, which drove the administrators, teachers and students into emotional moments, raised a strong awareness in students regarding preventive guidance.

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