• Near East College Students made a mark by Receiving 2 World and 2 Europe Awards at the “Outstanding Pearson Learner Awards” Ceremony

    Near East College students Ayten Çamur and Ada Özkul were invited to the Outstanding Pearson Learner Awards ceremony, held in southern Cyprus, for their outstanding success in the Pearson-Edexcel examinations, one students attaining the highest score in the world in her subject area, and also getting highest score among all students who took the exam in Europe; both making everyone including the Near East College rather proud. Such that Near East College 11 GCE class student Ayten Çamur achieved the highest score in IGCSE mathematics in the world and got highest marks in biology and chemistry in Europe. Thus, Ayten Çamur was the only student to receive three different awards at the Outstanding Pearson Learner Awards, organized by Pearson-Edexcel. On the other hand, Near East College 10 GCE class student Ada Özkul got the highest mark in Turkish IGCSE examination in the world and also received an award at the aforementioned ceremony. It was stated that the success of both students created pride and joy in the students themselves as well as their families and Near East College teachers.

    This success is a source of great pride
    Making a statement on the matter, Headmaster of Near East College Asim Idris stated that as a result of all the results announced at the Outstanding Pearson Learner Awards Ceremony they were very happy to see that their students Ayten Çamur and Ada Özkul achievements; among all the schools in Cyprus Near East College students made their mark.

    He stated that the outstanding achievements of the Near East College students were not coincidences and that they achieved a great success by blending the educational environment offered by the school with their own working principles. Furthermore, he said that in an arena where thousands of students compete at an international education platform, they have crossed the borders of the island and succeeded just like a continent; such that the point reached created an occasion for great pride and joy.

    “My success is due to my disciplined study”
    Award winning Ayten Çamur made a statement regarding the matter and said that she was honoured and very happy for representing both her country and school by being awarded 3 separate awards at the ceremony. She further stated that she had not taken any private lessons and her achievement was solely with the help of the education provided at her school via answering plenty of past papers. She said that she studied regularly and in a disciplined manner at home and owed her success to this. She expressed many thanks to her family for the support they provided on this tough journey to success.

    Ayten Çamur: “I would like to express great gratitude to our highly valuable Headmaster Asım İdris,to my biology teacher Çiğdem Ozan, my chemistry teacher Yeliz Akça and to my maths teacher Melahat Uskuri for providing their scientific and critical thinking skills and their academic knowledge as they aided and supported my success fully.”
    We make achievements which make us proud with the education and opportunities provided by our school.

    Ada Özkul expressed the pleasure of representing our country and Near East College on the night of Outstanding Pearson Learner Awards ceremony and added that this achievement was made without a need for private lessons.
    Özkul: “I’d like to thank my family and teachers for getting me interested in reading and language learning since I was at a very young age. I would also like to thank my 9th grade English teacher Özge Afşaroğlu and my Turkish teacher Necibe Arabulucu for supporting me. Our school provides us with the finest educational facilities and gives us the chance to achieve success with no private lessons.’’

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