• Near East College wins High Schools Composition Contest held by Radio Güven

    Near East College won the first prize in the composition and poetry contest held by Radio Güven among the high schools to strengthen the national consciousness due to the Martyrs’ Week on 21-25 December.

    Salih Kerem Ertürk, 10 YKS student of the Near East College, won the first prize in the composition category with his composition titled “Struggle for Existence”. Ertürk was awarded a laptop as the first prize.

    Speaking about the first place achieved by Salih Kerem Ertürk, Hakan Kaplan, one of the teachers of Turkish Language and Literature of the Near East College, said that the student expressed the love of the homeland in the best way and read his text with the same feelings.

    Kaplan said, “Our student, who has made a meaningful and significant achievement in terms of knowing and understanding the importance of peace, has also made us proud of his power of expression and the way he used vocabulary. I hereby congratulate our student wholeheartedly.”

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