• Silver Award and Bronze Award go to Near East College students in the “Commonwealth Essay Competition”

    The Queen’s Commonwealth Essay Competition, which is run by the Royal Commonwealth Society, is the world’s oldest and highly regarded and popular international education project. Near East College students Dilara Konti and Bertuğ Manavoğlu participated in the Queen’s Commonwealth Essay Competition 2019 and they were deemed worthy for the silver and bronze award.

    Building upon the 2019 theme of “A Connected Commonwealth”, the Queen’s Commonwealth Essay Competition that aimed at nurturing the creative talents of young people around the Commonwealth was realized with the participation of almost 11 thousand students including 246 entrants from the United States and Caribbean Islands. In this internationally high-prestigious essay competition, Near East College students Dilara Konti and Bertuğ Manavoğlu left thousands of entrants behind. Dilara Konti achieved the second place while Bertuğ Manavoğlu ranked the third-place. In recognition of their excellence, imagination and creativity, Dilara Konti and Bertuğ Manavoğlu were deemed worthy for silver award and bronze award respectively.

    Near East College released that the Queen’s Commonwealth Essay Competition 2019 was realized in two categories; Senior Category and Junior Category.

    Participating in the competition in the Senior Category, Near East College 12 GCE grade students Dilara Konti and Bertuğ Manavoğlu were deemed worthy for awards for their high caliber of essays reflecting their creativity and imagination. With her essay on “Connected By The Oceans; Can We Work Together To Protect The Environment”, Dilara Konti has won the Silver Award and Bertuğ Manavoğlu has won the Bronze Award for his essay on “We Are All Now Connected By The Internet, Stephen Hawking. What Does The Future Hold For Mankind?”

    “We have various education and training programs in line with the targets and objectives”
    Highlighting the significant role of working with devotion and determination in achieving outstanding success, the Head of the Department of Foreign Languages, Nezire Dahlameroğlu stated that the outstanding success achieved by the students had been the result of their accomplishment in assessing the working process very well and the efforts exerted by their altruistic and determined English teachers, who are experienced and specialized in their fields.

    Underlining the importance of a well-designed and tailored program in achieving the determined targets and objectives, Dahlamaroğlu stated that from the 6th grade onwards they implemented a unique program that designed and tailored to equip the students with the competence of using English grammar and vocabulary accurately and effectively. She added that frequent reading of sample texts and the constant control of written compositions of the students had a crucial role in developing students’ diligence and skills in language. “While we are raising our students, we work with a program that well-organized and tailored in line with the target and goal” said she.

    Pointing out that writing is not only an instructional technique but also an important branch of art that creates and develops the student’s personal style and preeminent aesthetic appreciation, Dahlameroğlu expressed her views: “In this sense, “Writing is much more than a technique; it is an indicator of the personality. It is the effective process in maturing the personality of the student. We have been developing programs oriented at not only awakening the students’ interest, responding to their level of maturity, intellectual interest, mental perception levels and needs but also developing their cursive writing skills in a flowing and faster manner.

    “The education I receive at Near East College opens the door to my dreams…”
    Speaking about the success that she achieved, Dilara Konti, the winner of the second prize, said that the education she received at the Near East College helped her reach her dreams.

    Konti expressed her views: “The education I received at my school made me distinguished from my peers in my academic exams and in my social life as well; it was a big factor made me feel more confident while progressing towards achieving my dreams. I am very satisfied with the point that I achieved without needing any private tutoring. I would like to thank everyone who contributed to the process leading me to this outstanding success”.

    “Our success in academic exams and competitions is by virtue of the high quality education we receive at Near East College”
    Highlighting the crucial role of his experienced and competent teachers and the quality education in his outstanding accomplishment, Bertuğ Manavoğlu, the winner of the third prize, expressed his views: “The quality English language education that I had received here since the middle school paved the way for me to be successful in academic exams as well as in such a competition. I am very satisfied with the point that I achieved so far. I would like to extend my appreciations to all of my valuable teachers, school administrative staff and everyone who contributed”.

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