• Near East College has become one of the International Cambridge Schools recognized all over the world…

    Cambridge international curriculum that implemented in the secondary school and high school affiliated with Near East College has been audited by experts from International Cambridge Schools. The experts have verified that Near East College has met all criteria required to be a member of International Cambridge Schools. Thus, TRNC’s quality education brand Near East College, which implements a quality education system that internationally recognized, has become a new member of the International Cambridge Schools having more than 10 thousand members in 160 countries.

    Near East College, which offers quality education matching the standards set by national and international bodies, feels the right pride of being accredited by the International Cambridge Schools. The Cambridge Schools experts once again confirmed that Near East College classrooms, laboratories, curriculum and teaching staff qualifications are in compliance with world standards.

    Diploma that widely recognized by universities and employers…
    Cambridge International Program combines an emphasis on mastering subjects in depth, at the same time as developing conceptual understanding and higher order thinking skills for study and work in the future. The international network offered by the Cambridge International Program provides the students with the advantage of interscholastic exchange program and having a diploma valid and widely recognized by universities and employers all over the world. Besides, students can access programs preparing students for their higher education, careers and future lives.

    Cambridge University provides support to the program that implemented at Near East College by attaching a special focus on student education and enriching teachers’ own professional practice. Within this scope, Cambridge creates a professional learning and improvement pathway for teachers by ensuring a variety of high-quality and rapid access routes to teaching and learning resources. Besides, Cambridge Schools Conferences provide teachers with opportunity to learn from expert educators and exchange information with other international Cambridge school teachers.

    Beyond preparing students to university, Cambridge curriculum provides opportunity to raise well-equipped students having self- confidence and responsibility, scientific and critical thinking skills that required to be a successful individual in the life, and who are capable to shape a better world for future by exploring the challenges of tomorrow’s world with passion and curiosity.

    Cambridge International Program is in compliance with Near East College student raising principles…
    Near East Secondary Schools Principal Asım İdris stated that Cambridge International Schools network, which is valid in 10 000 member schools across160 countries over the world, was in compliance with Near East College student raising principles.

    “With her student-centered approach, Near East College, which aims excellence in education, adopts it as her primary goal to create universal individual by implementing Cambridge International Program through gradual, comprehensive and supportive course materials. Through this program, we will raise students as individuals who know the world, who can understand each other, who are aware of their spiritual values, and who grow up with an understanding that meets the criteria sought by reputable universities of the world” said he.

    This program prepares students for lifelong learning…
    Principal İdris went on his remarks by underlining that by virtue of the international network offered to the students via Cambridge International program, they aimed to raise individuals who are self-confident and responsible, who have innovative, creative and critical thinking skills and who are active in the learning process.

    “The rapid-changing world of the 21st century brings with it an ever-shifting array of opportunities, as well as challenges. Near East College aims to raise students as competent individuals, who are able to use communication tools accurately and effectively, who are able to express their ideas accurately and easily in the native and foreign languages to people around them, who are open to critical thinking and teamwork, who are able to put the knowledge into practice, who are self-confident and responsible and who are well-equipped to address the needs of the rapid-changing world of the 21st century” noted he.

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