• Near East College High School students given a seminar on “Adolescent Development and Health”

    Near East College Guidance and Psychological Counseling Unit organized a seminar for 12th Year students on “Adolescent Development and Health” in order to help young people understand their physical and emotional development and gain healthy attitudes and positive values about adolescence.

    The seminar was organized by Ministry of Health Primary Health Services Branch Supervisor, Psychotherapist and Family Counselor Prof. Dr. Güley Abatay and Infectious Diseases and Clinical Microbiology Specialist Selin Bardak in order to meet the information needs of adolescents on adolescent development and health, to raise awareness in healthy adolescent life, to reduce risk behaviors, to improve the ability to say no and decision-making skills.

    “Physical Development in Adolescence” was discussed…
    Also mentioning about sexual health at the seminar, Abatay stated that sexuality is a process that starts with birth and continues throughout life and that in adolescence, physical and functional changes occur in sexual organs together with personality development and because the adolescents do not have sufficient information about sexuality and sexually transmitted infections they can be exposed to diseases.

    Attention was drawn to be conscious of diseases…
    Microbiology Specialist Selin Bardak, in her presentation, gave information to young people by showing examples of sexually transmitted diseases. She also pointed out the importance of being conscious by explaining how to protect themselves from infections.

    Importance of Early Adolescent Health Education Emphasized…
    Near East College Guidance and Psychological Counseling Unit teacher and specialist psychologist Rasiha Altunkaya said in a statement on the subject that giving sexual training at an early age is very important for healthy development.

    Stating that ”Adolescence Development and Health” education is of great importance, Altunkaya emphasized how a structured adolescence and health education is important in creating healthy sexual behavior changes. Rasiha Altunkaya emphasized that such seminars should be repeated in order to raise awareness and should be done with the level of children of all ages.

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