• Near East College Students made a great achievement by obtaining A * in four branches in Cambridge Exams

    Near East College Year 12 students made a great success both in national education and in their schools by receiving A * in Edexcel and Cambridge International A-Level exams which are recognized as the most prestigious examination platforms in the world, as A * is accepted as the highest grade in four courses in Edexcel and Cambridge International A-Level exams.

    Near East College Year 12 students; Altan Osmanlı, Hasan Şekerli, Hazal Polat, Laven Mutluel, Nazemin Mendeli, Enver Osmanlı, Selin Ayfer, Çağın Bektaş, Özten Kıvılcım, and Laden Tezer, obtained A * and A, which are known as the highest marks in all four courses in Biology, Mathematics, Chemistry and Physics.

    By obtaining the highest grades, the students now have the right to study medicine at the top universities of Turkey and the UK.

    A success that is unprecedented …
    Asım İdris stated that the Near East College students showed great success in Edexcel and Cambridge International A-Level exams with the help of their well-educated and experienced staff, and stated that this is a rare success.

    Stating that getting A * from all four courses is a very difficult achievement, Asım İdris said that 10 students achieved the highest success by getting 120 full points out of 120 from all units of exams. “Our students have been the pride of both our school and our country by achieving a rare success in A-Level exams,” said İdris. He said that they have made this achievement due to the quality of the education system of the Near East College, the teaching staff who are competent and experienced in all subjects of the courses, and due to the determination of their students.

    Asım İdris said, “These exams, which are structured to measure the student’s high-level cognitive skills, are always consistent, reliable, and prepare students for higher education. With the education system based on the Cambridge School curriculum approach, we prepare students with dedication to achieve the ultimate success in higher education, by equipping them with sufficient field knowledge in the relevant fields and motivating them systematically. The success achieved by our students in international exams is proud of us. I congratulate them and their teachers.”

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